Torretta cremosa


The cold winter brings us in search of hot dishes and here is for you a risotto with buffalo camembert, buffalo butter and cardoncelli mushrooms. Roasting is essential, the rice must be blanched in such a way as not to give up its starch. Let’s pour it into the hot non-stick pan and proceed to toast our rice. Let’s proceed with the cleaning of the mushrooms: after having cleaned and washed them, cut them into coarse strips, not too small. The mushroom is rich in water so it will release a lot of its liquid and shrink a lot during cooking. When the rice is toasted we start cooking our mushrooms in the hot pan with extra virgin olive oil, 1 whole clove of garlic which we will then remove. Brown the garlic with a bay leaf and the cardoncelli, add a little pepper, salt and let them dry. At the end we remove the garlic. Put a knob of butter, a little finely chopped leek in a pan on the fire for cooking our risotto and let it brown. When the leek is browned we are ready to add our previously toasted rice, mix everything well and add a little white wine. We continue cooking with a lot of patience, we are used to making risottos with vegetable broth, a meat broth or a fish broth … this time we will do it with water. Remember: when you make a risotto, give it a quarter of an hour, 20 minutes, do not leave it but follow it carefully, avoiding it from burning. Lightly salt the water we add and bring to a boil. When almost cooked, we will notice when the rice no longer shows that white sweetbread in the center, add the mushrooms and a wedge of camembert, even two, melting the cheese creates a fantastic cream. Camembert leaves a very delicate, slightly fruity and slightly acidic taste. We are ready, turn off the heat, add a little butter and let it rest for a minute. We serve … and enjoy your meal.


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