Rosso passionale


What better way to remember the end of summer with a fresh dish? We will prepare a beef carpaccio with prickly pear and buffalo squares. We bought some lean carpaccio, “Il Parco” buffalo mozzarella, a very tender and tasty cheese, to be paired with our prickly pears in their full ripening period. Let’s start with the dish, take our very thinly sliced carpaccio and place it on a plate, flavor it with a little salt, a pinch of pepper and a drizzle of strictly extra virgin olive oil. Let it marinate lightly, the meat must absorb the salt. Let’s start cleaning our prickly pear, obviously it has already been barbed before. Once the peel has been removed, we cut it in half and make slices, we can decide to make them a little larger or even a little smaller depending on how you want to serve our carpaccio, if it is to serve as an appetizer or second course, or even as an aperitif. We arrange the prickly pear cut on the carpaccio in an irregular manner. Let’s start by cutting our quadrello into slices that are not too thick, remove the bark and cut it into wedges, placing them on the carpaccio and prickly pear. Once this is done, we finish the dish with some fresh basil leaves, using small leaves to have softness, tenderness and all the basil scent. Once we have the play of colors that we like best, we top it off with a few drops of cooked prickly pear must. The dish is ready. Enjoy your meal.


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