The Gargano preserves the treasures of nature. The woods, the Umbra Forest, the karst caves and farms scattered on the territory where are born the most typical products, healthy and genuine as our territory. The “DEGUSTO” Box will be able to accompany you gently in this magical discovery!

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Weight3.34 kg
Dimensions38.5 × 27 × 16 cm
Content of the Box

250 gr Buffalo Ricotta Cheese, 250 gr Milk Burrata, 250 gr Stracciatella, 500 gr Campania Buffalo Mozzarella POD

Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO

The warm atmosphere of good food is enhanced when a white casket of milk is the protagonist. It contains ancient secrets revealed by its unmistakable fragrance. Hand-made fresh cheese with spun paste. The texture is elastic, the color is white porcelain. When cut, a whitish serous liquid is released, from the smell of lactic ferments. Served on the plate, on the pizza, in a carriage, or salads such as Caprese, the Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO “IL PARCO” is the queen of cheeses in the kitchen.

The Stracciatella

The Stracciatella of “LE FAVOLOSE DEL PARCO” is the heart of Apulian craftsmanship, as well as the real soft heart of the burrata. Stracciatella is a fresh cow’s milk cheese with spun dough immersed in the creaminess of cream and is certainly the most delicious dairy. The taste is delicate and sweet, the color is candid white and the texture irresistible. The Stracciatella is the perfect cuddle to match any dish. Whether with a first course, a risotto, a savory cake, a bruschetta or simply with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, you can not do without it!

The Burrata

The Burrata of “THE FABULOUS PARK” is mozzarella with surprise! It reminds of fresh mozzarella but inside it hides a rich filling of frays soaked in cream. From the taste of milk that gently fills the palate, the Burrata is a sublime surprise. Perfect as is the best way to appreciate it is to eat it alone with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Although Burrata is delicious natural, it is also suitable for the richest and most special preparations. With Burrata you can give life to unique dishes that, preserving the love for tradition, will surprise you!

Buffalo’s Ricotta

Lovely freshness with a delicate taste. It is obtained according to the traditional system, from the boiling of the remaining whey from the processing of buffalo milk in mozzarella. Soft and fine pasta, it happily combines with the different interpretations of the culinary art. With a sweet and delicate flavor, it is an excellent natural, in the appetizer, as a main course and also for the various uses in the kitchen, from first courses to dessert.

The Production of Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO

Our Mozzarella is the only one produced in Puglia exclusively from Apulian buffalo milk. Operating in an uncontaminated area, that of the Gargano National Park, and having control of the entire buffalo supply chain allows us to ensure everyday quality and authenticity of the production.


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Our buffaloes

To guarantee excellent quality, we adopt specific requirements for animal welfare (physical and mental health in harmony with the environment), a balanced diet based on hay and straw from the Tavoliere delle Puglie, use of selected raw materials and feed and the utmost care in milking, guaranteeing excellent and uncontaminated milk every day.All the animals are registered in the Herd Book of the Buffalo Species of the Italian Mediterranean Breed.