Magia d’autunno


Welcome autumn, we are here to prepare a pumpkin soup with chestnuts, pomegranate and goat cacioricotta. We clean our pumpkin, cut it into chunks and boil it in lightly salted boiling water, for about 10 minutes, then we will blend it with a blender in such a way as to obtain a smooth and compact cream, adding extra virgin olive oil and salt. We make a double notch on the peel of the chestnuts that will help us to clean them better and blanch them with a bay leaf that will give our chestnuts greater aromaticity. While chestnuts and pumpkin are cooking, let’s clean the pomegranate. After cooking the pumpkin and blending it, blanching the chestnuts and peeling them, let’s go make our soup. In a pan, add extra virgin olive oil, a bay leaf, the blended pumpkin, a little salt, a sprinkling of pepper and our crumbled chestnuts, leaving some for decoration at the end of the dish. We serve the cream of pumpkin and chestnuts, grate the goat cacioricotta, add the pomegranate grains, extra virgin olive oil, whole chestnuts and happy autumn to all.


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