La Gioconda


The warm season is about to arrive, we are ready to go to the sea … the beaches, the sun, but on our tables you cannot miss the capuzzella, a 500 g buffalo mozzarella “Il Parco”. We serve it with confit tomatoes and caramelized onion. In a pan we go to place the tomatoes cut in half that we are going to sprinkle with icing sugar, then in the oven at 140 ° for about 20 minutes. Prepare the caramelized onion by slightly heating a non-stick pan, adding the onion cut into strips, sugar and a drop of vinegar. Let the onion soften, letting the sugar caramelize and make our onion really tasty. The onion is caramelized and the baked cherry tomatoes are ready, only one step is missing: if the mozzarella was in the fridge, immerse it with its bag in lukewarm water, and heat it up to about 25 °, because it needs to dissolve to give us the best. Here we are, it is ready: we place it on a plate and we go to garnish with our cherry tomatoes, perhaps alternating the colors. We could also add some wild rocket, caramelized onion, a sprinkle of pepper and a drizzle of oil. And here is the buffalo capuzzella. Good summer everyone.


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