Isola felice


Winter is approaching, in Puglia it is the turnip tops season, why not, let’s make a cream of turnip tops with pecorino from Puglia, anchovies and fresh chilli. We boil our turnip greens in lightly salted boiling water for about 10 minutes. In the meantime, cut our pecorino cheese which will be seared in a pan, do not cut it very thinly otherwise it risks melting in the pan, but in slices of about one centimeter. Our turnip greens are cooked, we drain them from the water and put them in a blender to obtain a fantastic cream with an intense, rich taste: please keep it warm. Blend our turnip greens, we are ready to blanch the pecorino in a boiling non-stick pan. Ready to serve, pour the turnip greens cream on the bottom of a plate, place the seared pecorino, anchovies and fresh chilli pepper on top. Enjoy your meal.


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