Desiderio di abbondanza


You know those cold days where you don’t want to go out but want a properly made sandwich? We’ll think about it! Sesame bread, heifer burger, crunchy ventricina, buffalo blue and let’s start preparing. We cut our sandwich and season it with some buffalo blue “Il Parco”, a blue gorgonzola with a fantastic, unusual taste … we are not used to this taste, but it is shocking! We sear the hamburger and with it the ventricina to make it crunchy. Add a pinch of pepper, a little salt to the hamburger and after a few seconds it can go into our sandwich. Here we are, let’s add the crunchy ventricina, a classic or tomato or ketchup mayonnaise or mustard or even the barbecue sauce… whatever you prefer. It’s winter, I’m not happy and I add a “Il Parco” buffalo mozzarella, close it with a stick and put it in a hot oven for a few minutes. Add some fiber to the inside of the sandwich with blanched chicory and lightly sautéed in a pan. My sandwich is ready, I add the freshly seared chicory that will surely give a fantastic contrast of flavors. Bon appetit, merry christmas and happy 2022 to all.


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