Cappello di affumicata


The warm season begins, the days are getting longer, the heat is approaching, we want fresh dishes and why not a tartare with smoked scamorza cheese, capers, olive powder and carrot ketchup. Smoked scamorza is a fantastic product, aged and smoked in our dairy. Let’s start with a slice of very lean beef, cut it into chunks to prepare our serve. After cutting, add “Il Parco” extra virgin olive oil, a little salt, pepper to our beaten and mix everything together. Ready to serve with a round or square pastry cutter or with your hands. Add the slices of smoked cheese and soften them with a torch, do not insist too much, once folded it is fine, otherwise we risk cooking the meat. We add some drops of carrot sauce, we can almost define it as a sweet and sour ketchup of carrots, vinegar and sugar. Place the caper sauce on top and a pinch of dehydrated black olive powder, a basil leaf and the dish is ready. Enjoy your meal.


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