Burrata appagante ai colori d’estate


Hot, intense days, desire for freshness, for a tasty and fast dish, however very satisfying: it is that of burrata accompanied by fantastic vegetables. The burrata looks like mozzarella but inside it is filled with cream frays. Let’s prepare our recipe with celery, a courgette, a carrot, peppers and percoca. We separate the celery from the hard parts and cut it into cubes, this step will also be done for the other vegetables such as pepper, carrot and the same percoca. Place the vegetables and a diced red onion in a bowl, which will give an intense touch to our dish. We take only the part with the peel of the courgette. Finally we add the percoca, one of the symbolic fruits of summer. Let’s marinate our vegetables with extra virgin olive oil, pepper, a few berries of pink pepper, a couple of bay leaves, a juniper berry, mint and fresh basil, let’s not forget the salt. We leave them to marinate for about an hour. Once marinated, we are ready to serve our burrata, add the vegetables, the fresh basil leaf and another drizzle of oil: our dish is ready. Enjoy your meal.


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