Bellezze al bagno


Typical dish of the Apulian cuisine, the pork bowel with capocollo sliced and buffalo mozzarella “il PARCO”, as white as porcelain, very fresh and with an intense taste. Let’s go and season our bowls by placing the slices of very thinly cut capocollo on the meat. I’m using capocollo but at home you could use speck, bacon or even salami. I give you some advice: the buffalo mozzarella is rich in liquid and you have to squeeze it lightly before placing it on the capocollo then add a grain of pepper. We close our bowler hats first from the flaps, so as not to let the nectar that the mozzarella leave us. Once the side parts are closed, I wrap them as if they were a roll, with the help of a stick we stick them on the closing side, so that they do not open during cooking. We are ready to brown them in a pan with a drizzle of oil. Our bombette will be accompanied by a cream of Garganico caciocavallo that I grated before, 200 ml of cream, a knob of strictly buffalo butter. We put the cream to heat over low heat, but without boiling, when we reach an ideal temperature of about 60-70 degrees we add the grated caciocavallo and mix. I will accompany our bowls with a fresh chilli pepper, unusual of the period, however very tasty, we will fry it in boiling oil. Bombette ready, succulent, soft, above all very tasty. Fill the bottom of a plate with the Gargano caciocavallo cream, do not be afraid: abound! Place the bowls, the friggitello and a little pepper powder on top. Enjoy your meal.


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