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Magia d’autunno

Welcome autumn, we are here to prepare a pumpkin soup with chestnuts, pomegranate and goat cacioricotta. We clean our pumpkin, cut it into chunks and boil it in lightly salted boiling water, for about 10 minutes, then we will blend it with a blender in such a way as to obtain a smooth and compact cream, adding extra virgin olive oil and salt.

Rosso passionale

What better way to remember the end of summer with a fresh dish? We will prepare a beef carpaccio with prickly pear and buffalo squares. We bought some lean carpaccio, “Il Parco” buffalo mozzarella, a very tender and tasty cheese, to be paired with our prickly pears in their full ripening period.

Ruota di cacio

With the cold we are enduring in this period we need really rich dishes. Caciocavallo is one of the most important cheeses of the South, it is also delicious to eat as it is, but I propose it in a different way.